MusicSync Server Centralized & catalogized audio content storage server solution


Hello. My name is Melnikov Sergey and I am 15 years old russian student. And at this age I`d created something, that you may be interested in.

I had created MusicSync Server - centralized & catalogized audio content storage server solution.

This is web application, written on Python 2.7 using Bottle framework (and stable web server from Paste Framework).

Currently it can:

  • Store audio content
  • Provide content editor ability to move audio entry higher or below.
  • Provide content editor ability to create playlists (they named albums here, but anyway, formally, this is playlists).
  • Provide access to content and control panel throught web interface (web inteface has really functional player).
  • Search for audios by query in global audios list or in specific album.
  • Provide access to content and control panel through HTTP WebAPI.
  • Access control using login/password or token authentication, md5, salt enabled, passwords hashing and tokens generation.

This is absolutely open source project, and licensed under GNU GPLv3.

History of MusicSync Server Creation:

Maybe you know, but at Russia exist social network site named VKontakte, clone of western Facebook. At this soc. net. exist realm with audio content, where you can store music. It were just a bay of pirate music content, but "copirastia" (copyrights enforcement) reached even VK. Sometimes audios from users accounts being deleted by DMCA enforcement. But, the edge of my patience were reachead at middle of December, when that assholes (I`m talking about VK administration), disabled HTTP-based Web API for custom applications. Then I decided I should create VK audios alternative, at least, just for myself. Because I am absolute uncurable digital pirate and cant stand any DMCA, DRM or another fukkin` bullshit. Then, at about five days before the 2017th New Year I started development of this web application. At Jan, 5 2017 I`d released first version, named, by release date, 170105.

At this website you`ll find detailed descriptions and instructions about all, relative with my project.

Notice: This is Python Web Application and cannot be deployed at any shared hostings, you need your own home or dedicated or VDS/VPS server. (Maybe, in the futute, I'll port this project to PHP, but now I think PHP is for bydlo-coders (bad coders)).

Screenshots of web interface:





More screenshots with detailed description you can find at Screenshots page.